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Running Bare Hoofcare

2010 Natural Trim Pricing:

  • Set-up trim $50.00 (Please count on 45 minutes to 1 hour for the 1st set-up trim. This involves measurements, data collection, pictures and the trim.)
  • Maintenance trim $45.00
  • Maintenance trims are usually 20-30 min. on average
  • Draft $55.00
  • Mini & Pony $35.00
  • Pull shoes $2.50 per shoe
  • Consultation, On-site $35.00 (30 minutes)
  • Telephone Consultations $35.00 (up to one hour)
  • Travel Charges may apply depending on location.

    I also have a multi-horse discount of $5.00 per horse for 4 or more horses. If you want to get together with friends at your barn or theirs to arrange a Trim Clinic, I will arrange the discount for all.

    Boots & Hoof Care:

    I am a dealer for Easycare Hoof Boots and also Healing Tree Natural Horse Products.


    EasyBoot Grips, Size 0-3: $63.00 ea. or $124.00 per pair

    EasyBoot Epics & Bares, Size 0-2: $62.00 ea. or $124.00/pair
    EasyBoot Epics & Bares, Size 3-7: $68.00 ea or $136.00/pair


    Old Mac's G2, Size 0-6: $138.00 pair
    Old Mac's G2, Size 7-10: $150.00 pair


    Boa Horse Boot, Size 00-3: $138.00 per pair
    Boa Horse Boot, Size 4-8: $150.00 per pair


    Easy Soakers Size Small - Large: $20.00
    Easy Soakers Size XL - XXXL: $30.00


    EasyCare Gloves $45.00 ea. boot or $90 per pr.


    EasyCare Edge $135.00 per pair (these come in pairs only)


    Healing Tree Hoof Magic: $15.00 (Thrush, Seedy Toe, Separation,etc.)
    Healing Tree T-Hoof: $17.00 (Hoof Conditioner)

    Shipping Rates by US Priority Mail will apply according to zip code


    HoofCare Partnership

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