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Artwork by Chuck Willis


Running Bare Hoofcare

My favorite websites:

Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices

Hoof Rehabilitaion Specialists - It's all about growing a healthy hoof!

HealthyHoof.com - Hoofcare & Information for Barefoot Soundness

Safer Grass - A Resource for Equine Forage Nutrition

Easy Care, Inc. - Discover the Ultimate on Hoof Protection

Penazance Progressive Natural Hoofcare

Iron Free Hoof - Learn how to read the hoof

The Horses Hoof - News for Barefoot Hoofcare

City of Houston Police Horses Go Barefoot

Equiloha Farm - A Natural Approach to All Things Horse

My Oregon Horse For Sale

HyTyme Equine Rescue


Books & Articles on Natural Hoof Care:

"Making Natural Hoofcare Work for You"  by Pete  Ramey

"Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care" by Jaime Jackson

"Paddock Paradise" by Jaime Jackson

Malama Lio's "The Hawaii Horse Journal" July 2008 (page 15)


HoofCare Partnership

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